Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Changes round 1

So, we've decided not to restrict syntax, just discourage things like stacking 'noses.' After deciding upon emoticons, our goal was the make a language where each command, so to speak, was a complete emoticon. In short, this means ':ooo)' is bad form, and instead it should be coded as ':o) :o) :o)'. Even though less optimal, the code would still look like emoticons and it could be optimized in a compiler or emulator.

We also decided to add the '{', '}', and '|' characters to the language. They mean

{ = Copy the current register to the current memory location
} = Copy the current memory location to the register
| = No op

This should allow for shorter code, and more variation in the emoticons.

We've also changed the print to screen character as a result to be '@' so it's more like the yell emoticon. Additionally, 'o' and 'c' no longer are increment and decrement 5 operations, instead they are shift left and shift right, respectively.

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